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Class Agents

Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School Class Agents are a committed, loyal group of alumnae who promote a “lifelong sisterhood of support” among their classmates to ensure the advancement of Gwynedd Mercy graduates and the mission of their alma mater.

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Class Agent Program Goals: 
  1. Enhance alumnae communication between classmates and with Gwynedd.
  2. Educate alumnae about opportunities to partner with Gwynedd and the Alumnae Association to advance Gwynedd Alumnae and the School’s mission and strategic initiatives through volunteerism, philanthropy, and other forms of engagement.
  3. Increase the alumnae participation rate and overall giving to Gwynedd.

Class Agent Role and Responsibilities: In working with the Advancement Office at Gwynedd as the principal representative of her graduating class, a Class Agent is asked to: 

  • Attend three virtual meetings of the Class Agent Program (fall, winter, and spring) each year to stay informed about developments within Gwynedd and the Alumnae Association.
  • Raise awareness of opportunities for engagement, learning, prayer, service, and recognition offered by Gwynedd and the Alumnae Association.
  • Help classmates keep their contact information up to date and share personal or professional  news with Gwynedd.
  • Make an annual gift of any amount to the Mercy Fund and encourage your classmates to  participate, too.
  • Join Gwynedd Force and encourage your classmates to do the same.
  • Attend the annual all-class Reunion (also recognized as the Alumnae Association’s annual meeting), if possible.
    • Those celebrating  milestone reunions will also assist the Advancement Office with reunion promotion.
  • Send thank you notes for gifts of time, talent, and treasure on behalf of GMA when applicable.

Class Agent Commitment: Class Agents are asked to serve a two-year term and will receive an invitation to renew their role every other spring. Classes may have more than one appointed Class Agent. The time commitment is usually a few hours each month. Read the Class Agent Privacy Policy here.


Become a Class Agent

We are looking for graduates to fill the role of Class Agent for these classes:

1952, 1955, 1956, 1961, 1965, 1967, 1975, 1983, 1993, 2015

Please email Director of Alumnae Engagement Erin Reimel Clements '12 at to become a Class Agent for one of the above classes or any other class.


Current Class Agents

Ann Diehl Casey '50

June McCullough Bottke '51

Sister Maryann Burgoyne, RSM '53

Pat McDonald Kearns '54

Rosemary Malott Samtmann '54

Nancy Faris Buckley '57

Jean Lewis Kriz '58

Joanne Casacio Regli '59

Eileen Cairnes Samtmann '60

Judy McLaughlin Bucko '60

Meg Lawless Galia '62

Patti O'Brien McFadden '63

Sister Monica Sheehy, R.S.M. '63

Nancy Pannepacker McKeaney '64

Linda Ewan Wiesner '64

Jane Sullivan Gibbons '66

Linda Prow Reilly '68

Dee Seeburger Sweeney '69

Delia Pio '69

Sandy Straw Hopper '70

Judie Waltrich Dunham '71

Sharon Saybolt Donatucci '72

Leslie Lagan Toolan '73

Sherry Luff Shaw '73

Denise DiFiglia '74

Barbara Pollino '74

Kate Harper Kelly, Esq '74

Linda Chiodo Reeves '76

Melva Exner, Esq '77

Tara Kenworthy Monihan '78

Patty Brown Kenney '78

Karen Price Benson '79

Deb Fox Walsh '80

Ann Sweeney Guay '80

Susan Smith Lloyd '81

Audrey Nugent Greening '82

Catherine Cline Givnish '84

Caren Cline Johnston '85

Stacey Magil Suter '86

Kellie Dunphy Brogan '87

Chrissy Fruncillo Ledwith '88

Erica Weiler-Timmins '89

Colleen Belz Frascatore '89

Nina Rich Brooks '89

Jenny Prior Schlegel '90

Teresa Araco Rogers '91

Sharon Belz Halferty '92

Megan McDonald Dougherty '94

Cathy Kriz Wickersham '94

Becky Welsch Hepler '95

Monica Lynch Sharkey '96

Kate Toolan Madden '97

Dera Lee '97

Jenn Staub Stratis '98

Jen Kin Cottrell '99

Kristin Kane Ford '00

Jamie Hess Fischer '00

Moira Durkin Tozier '00

Caitlin Fitzgerald Straub '01

Mary Kate McNulty Gallo '02

Anna Skoien Lall '02

Mary Stanton Miller '02

Rose Ann Kozloski Annand '02

Anne Bostwick Parker '03

Katie Ailtmar Kirk '03

Meaghan Stanton Eisenhart '04

Charlotte McDaniel Conmy '04

Caitlin Nahas Jackson '05

Meg Woods McMahon '06

Ashley Benson Martino '07

Rachael Kennedy McGinnis '07

Elisa Caporizzo Prousi '07

Vanessa Angelo Goldman '07

Angela Amarhanov '08

Tess Cameron '08

Danielle Cascerceri '08

Molly Kristiniak Westen '08

Melanie Reynolds '08

Marisa DeCandido '09

Susan Merlini Oman '09

Molly Monihan DiLiberto '09

Helena DeBald '10

Cailtlyn Moynahan '11

Erin Reimel Clements '12

Meghan Campbell Costello '12

Caroline Shimrock '12

Devon Monihan '12

Kerry Regan '13

Katie Rietzke '13

Shannon Alexander '13

Meredith Behr '13

Kara Stenger '14

Theresa Webster '14

Natalie Pisch '14

Moira Connelly '16

Maggie Knies '16

Ellen Anders '16

Tara Webster '16

Olivia Guinther '17

Alyssa Gesek '17

Ava Scarpato '17

Haley Conroy '18

Grace Fuller '18

Bridget Lee '18

Elizabeth Hasson '18

Ryann Kerr '19

Kelsey Van Thuyne '19

Carly VanCamp '19

Angelena Antenuci '20

Lauren Halferty '20

Audrey Keen '20

Erin Plamondon '20

Meaghan McGoldrick '20

Jillian Dougherty '20

Lyndsey James '21

Ellie Keaton '21

Paige Meehan '21

Ella Gross '21

Julia Berry '21

Alex Wenz '21

Alannah Cunningham '21

Maggie Boyle '21

Maddie Tronoski '21

Cassie Smith '21

Katie Denitz '21

Kaylee Snyder '21

Lauren Slovensky '21

Carly Andrews '21

Shannon McCarthy '21

Siobhan Brogan '21

Ellen Malone '21

Zoe Grabowski '22

Rose Imbesi '22

Alexis Kelerchian '22

Kira Kinsley '22

Allyson McGuire '22

Katherine O'Connell '22

Serena Olden '22

Ellie Perry '22

Grace Stetler '22

Mia Van Mater '22

Sara Stoud '23

Kiley McMahon '23

Hannah Hughes '23

Kristen Yezzi '23

Reiley Walsh '23